Etruria 1769: The First Day's Vase

The Potteries Museum have acquired a black basalt stoneware vase and cover, painted and inscribed in English and Latin. Dated 13 June 1769 the vase was made by Josiah Wedgwood himself on the opening day of the Etruria factory.  Passed by descent through the Wedgwood family it is being sold at auction on 7 July.

Wedgwood - known as one of the most famous and pioneering potters of the Industrial Revolution - treasured the First Day’s Vases and said that they should not be sold. He made them himself when his new factory Etruria opened on 13th June 1769.

Two of the other vases are owned by the V&A and displayed in the Wedgwood Museum in Staffordshire. The third vase is on a long-term loan to the British Museum.

Wedgwood vase
Rare Wedgwood vase to return to the city
Stoke on Trent City Council for Stoke City Museum and Art Gallery (now the Potteries Museum)
The Potteries Museum & Art Gallery, Bethesda St, City Centre, Stoke-on-Trent, ST1 3DW
West Midlands
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